Photos from Word Connections Ft. Britta B 12/12/13


It’s 5PM Thursday evening when host John Lacarbiere III arrives at the JuJu bag Cafe. He sits down, grabs his laptop and logs on to the free WiFi to start his usual pre-show promo for “Word Connections” He’s immediately greeted by Ms. T, the owner of the cafe, and asked if he needed anything. “Water” was his response.  As time passed people slowly started to come in anxious and excited for the night’s show. Poet/Chef Mike Marina was one of the first to arrive and chose the nights dish… The world famous JuJu Nachos. Shortly after Smut Da Poet walks in and several other guests all anxious and excited to see the feature from Toronto, Canada do her thing. The night was epic. The evening was filled with love and laughter as poets their work, some for the first time. Comedian Shervey from “The Mark Caesar Radio Show” came and had the audience clutching their stomachs in tears laughing. Miss Britta B did an awesome job as a feature! It was her first time performing in New Orleans and the audience loved her.  Below you will find pictures of the night. Pictures of Britta, Tank, Quess, Justin Lamb, Poetic One, Bri, Head Doctor, Sledge Hammer, Joy, Ari Unwritten, Sunny D, Shervy, D Strong, YD, and more…

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