Black Woman



She be universe
Earth, wind, and fire…
She be mother
She be higher…
She be powerful
She be goddess
She God
God be she-like
She be creator
She be creating
She create things
We destroy it
She rebuilds it
She be building
She be buildings
No she be pyramids
She be temple
She be entire empires
We should worship
She be worth it
She be flower
She be rose
She be garden
No we be those
She be Carbon…
We breathe her
We exhale
We die
She still here…

Yet we act as if she doesn’t’ exist
Quick to call her bitch
How much longer do we perpetuate this?
She be queen
And we disrespect her crown
Put her down
Instead of uplifting
How can a black man not love a black woman?
It’s sickening
We throw up signs
And make anthems about our niggas
What about our women?
Who do you love…?
First she be woman
Second she be black
Third she be yo mother
Yo sister
Yo daughter
Yo aunt…
Yo grandmother
Yo teacher
Yo leader
The one that prays for you when you lose hope
She be yo rope carrying you up the slope
She be dope
She believes in you when you lose faith in her
If she be lost
We help her find
We don’t leave her there
Or leave her blind
We help her see
She be perfect…
With help
Be man
Be there
No she don’t need a man
She could use a friend tho
She could use some protection
Reciprocity for what she gives it’s simple
Don’t be simple
She be complex
Understand her
Clues are always given
You be scared of her
I get it…
She not angry
She just tired
She carries you
Inherits you
You don’t appreciate that
You be her before you be you
Just asks chromosome x
What Y do…
So why you… don’t love her?
She be love
She be light
Worship she
She worship
She not religious
She spiritual
She be the spirit
She make mistakes
She make man believe she perfect
She is perfect tho
She be sun
She be moon
She be ocean
She be lake
She be river
She be lagoon
She be nature
She nurture
She take care family
She like glue
She cook
She clean
She work
She go to school
She teacher
She teach us
She still learning
She smart
She sexy
She not a hoe
She not a bitch
She queen
She woman
She lady
She exists
She be respected
She be honored
She honors
She promise
She strong
She strength
She strengthens
She inspires
She inspiration
She dedication
She imagination
She be a nation
She good
She evil
She positive
She negative
She human
She people
She honest
She real
She feel
She be feeling
She be fulfillment
She filling
She healthy
She health
She healing
She angel
She artist
She music
She dance
She be dancing
She rhythm
She be poet
She poetry
She read
She write
She speak
She listen
She be day
She be night She
She be everything…


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