This Could Be Us But You Playing…

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This could be us but you playing…
Mind games…
Afraid that if what we have became real
It would disappear like your father did when you were 6
Missing every moment that made you smile…
You’re not my child
I’m here now
And I’ve been here for the last 7 months
Watching you smile
As if it was an involuntary reaction to my presence
I remember our second date
The look on your face
It was heaven
When we saw that old couple
And you blushed
And said “This could be us”
Were you just playing then…
Cuz see… This could be us but you playing…
As if it’s just sex
A few texts
With no emotional attachments…
Let’s graph this
On an x and y axis
XY getting x-rated with XX
Being the control group
Then there’s me and you
Spending time
Getting to know each other
Conversing for hours
Connecting minds
Look at the graph
It’s a sign
It’s science
A proven fact
Yet you act as if it’s fiction
Like… I’m tripping
Like… this could… be us but you playing…
And you suck at Texas Hold um
Like you said when it comes to relationships you can’t hold um
I’m calling your bluff
Pick up
Play the cards you’re dealt
Stop denying what’s felt
Or being afraid because you once failed
We’ve all been there
I’ve been there yet I’m still here
Willing to work it out with you
Cuz see this could be us…
 If you want it too…
Just as much as I do…
I’m done playing…

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