Behind the scenes look at John filming for a documentary on Treme

John had the honor of doing some voice over work as well as writing/filming a poem for director Moira Tierney who is working on a documentary about the Treme area of New Orleans

Here’s the poem that was written/performed by John:

French for suburb
If you haven’t heard is the oldest black community in America
I’m telling ya… It left many disturbed
Cuz we been in the burbs
Growing economically
They couldn’t see… blacks doing it big like that
One of the only communities still dealing with slavery
Where free men were able to purchase land on a regular basis
They refused to face it
So they attempted to crack it in half
Built a bridge
Breaking it’s Claiborne spine
Destroying homes
Closing stores
Creating a sore for eyes with perfect sight
Despite the fight brought on by residents
It was evident
When the quality of life declined
Trees no longer took root in the humidity
Business was no longer booming
The I-10 ruined
Something that was once so beautiful…
Now there’s talks to remove it tho
Say they want To restore an area with so much history
But will it be…
The question that lies
Heavy over the heads of those that now reside there
How many will lose their homes just to correct past errors
And are they trying to fix it
Or mix it
Erase it
Replace it
Deface it
And once again
Destroy the homeostasis
That is treme
It’s hard to say…
So much has been loss
How much more will it lose
Will treme heal properly
Now that they are trying to cover up it’s bruise…

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