Freestyle by the Lake

img_7500I took this picture then I wrote a poem:

No strings attached, I’m an aquatic plant who’s roots free float across the ocean like bottles with messages inside them…
(I’m him)
I dream of freedom
People who think for themselves
Open minds to further open mines
And a love so unconditional my fuck ups look perfect…
(I’m perfect)
When you don’t compare me to any man.
I’m not any man
And… A flaw is only something you saw in someone else that I lack
(See me)
See black
See king
See things you’ve never seen in this light
Or this life
See right…
through me if you so choose to…
Like no windows
No buildings
No walls are there to tell you I exist.
See an infinite amount of space open enough for you to be yourself without ever questioning the shit…
(I Just live)
On my own terms
Less thoughts about others thoughts about my decisions
That’s none of my business
I can’t put my happiness in the balance of temporary friendships
(I’m dying)
In good health for now so there’s time to love more people
Do what feels right
And accept that I might get it wrong sometimes
Right now…
(I’m alive)
So I might as well enjoy this shit…

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