Word Connections

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I took my passion for reading and creative writing combined it with my compassion for others and came up with “Word Connections” Everyone involved will become(besides published poets) instruments aiding in the future of young creative writers…This is the first edition of “Word Connections.” I want each edition to aid a specific charity… I didn’t quite understand the power or the significance of this book until the ideas started flowing and the changes it could make… I mean “Word Connections” is connecting poets to other poets all over the WORLD not just America… I’m talking Canada, Europe, & Africa several of the poets in the book will be getting their work published for the first time… That’s a huge accomplishment for a writer. Pending the success of the book Wordplay NOLA will have more funding to enter public schools and work with students. Mind you it just started off as an idea I had to put all the poetry I loved to read into one book for my leisure… It grew into a ground breaking work of art. 100+ poets from the USA, Europe, Canada, Africa. 500+poems all to benefit the youth. I’m so proud of every last person involved with “Word Connections” although this won’t make any of us rich we are really changing the world. It has poets, has rappers, actors, painters, community leaders, public speakers, activist all in one book… Also has homeless people, strippers, members of the gay community all in one book contributing to a cause greater than self. It isn’t gender specific, race specific, age specific… It’s literally connecting everyone to each other with words… – John Lacarbiere III

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