Poems on The Phone

Poems on the Phone

“Poems on The Phone” a collection of acapella poems by spoken word artists John Lacarbiere III recorded specifically with his fun… listen and enjoy! Share it with your friends!


2.I AM
3.Watch Who You Have Sex With
4.Pepe Le Pew
5.Ms. Ogyny
8.She Thought Like A Man
9.By Your Damn Self
10.My Tears
11.Steve Harvey ft. Smut Da Poet
12.When A Poem Cries
13.Is It Too Late To Ask Someone To Be My Valentine
14.Ceilng Fans
15.So I’m Gay
16.Someone To Love With All My Heart
17.I Wanna Be
18.To Call It Love
19.Not Like The Others
20.Epic love Poem
21.I Wanna Have Sex With You 2.0
22.Soulful Experiences Xpressed (SEX)
23.Weathering The Storm
24.Bonus: Calligraphy – Bitter


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