I Am Poetry


“I Am Poetry” Is A Spoken Word Album by poet John Lacarbiere III… It Features several different poems dealing with love, anger, sex, relationships, and religion… Basically Real life situations… Over smooth jazz,hip hop, acoustic, and metal tracks… All Original… John Lacarbiere Has Created an incredible buzz on such social sites as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter posting poems in his blogs and publishing Three Poetry books. Now he has taken it to a new level with “I Am Poetry” a very unique and refreshing album worth listening to.


2.Rodney’s Intro
3.I Am Poetry
4.Beavis & Butthead Skit
5.This Poem Is Dedicated To You
6.Phone Call Interuption
8.I wanna have sex with you
9.Tig’s Interuption
10.Love Rollercoaster
11.Guilty Concious
12.Don’t Be A Menace Skit
13.The Most High
14.Feel My Pain A Homeless Story
16.Rodney Interlude
17.To my future wife
18.Tig Interupts again
19.I Gotta Be Like That
20.All On Me
22.The Tease
23.I Just wanna
24.Tig’s Interlude
25.Decleration of Inde PEN Dance

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