Poem for #PoetsforFurguson Event


Last Saturday September 27th,  Poets in New Orleans and Across the country held a fundraiser for the citizens arrested for protesting in Ferguson. Here’s John’s poem. #PoetsForFerguson

The KKK don’t always wear white sheets sometimes they rock blue…
Throw on suits and write laws to help them erase niggas…
Pull triggers and Willie lynch us without the rope
Nope, no need to hang blacks from trees
they hanging on corners, the streets is where they shall bleed
Let us make a mockery…
Pull out your phones and film this
Cuz see people…
People are more concerned with watching things happen as they happen
Then reacting
Ready for war
But passive
No aggression in the oppression
Continue to make them feel lesser
Label them minorities
Destroy whatever self esteem they build
Have them live in fear
Let them know who has the power
Kill an unarmed black boy cuz laws permit cops and the neighborhood watch to do so every hour
We must protect what’s ours
Take them from their parents and teach them our culture for 8 hours
Charter these students to behave like they’re in prison
Build more prisons
Have their children walk a straight line
Stay uniformed
Silence their voice
Offer them a black history class based on the last 200 -400 years
Make them believe they came from nothing
Make them believe they are suffering
Make them suffer
This is their psychology we really have to do nothing
Oppression is one hell of a drug
Be it lines of white supremacy
Or hits of that green currency
The number of niggas feeling low is at an all time high…
But it’s black bodies that they’re bagging up.
And we buy it
Riot instead of triumph
Protest in the streets and demand inclusion
wanting invites to this…
tea party where not even Kermit would sip tea from…
But that ain’t none of my business
Cuz niggas don’t own nothing
They spend money not make it
They pay master to lash um
New Slaves
Old habits
Oppression will have ya… Thinking you’re dumb if you don’t speak English the way they do.
Now if you can’t read you not only fail in school there’s a prison bed being made for you…
Grab your popcorn
Watch how they fight
You talk educated you talk white
You speak slang you’re ignorant
Never mind trying to understand each other
They’re really sick.
We took away their language
Look at um…
Silly kids…
Tricks are for rabbits
What’s black magic?
Who’s oshun and ogun?
Sounds a lot like baboon
Or coon
Never mind meet Jesus…
He died for your sins
And what you’re going through is kind of like punishment
Pray he will save you…
Which is true…
But the truth has been manipulated
We broke through segregation but what exactly were we penetrating
The answer to that well…
I’m still waiting…


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