Honor Them… (Memorial Day Poem)


In Memory of those men and women who lost their lives serving the United States

Death before dishonor
Your honor…
We often judge people based upon their actions
So while this world spins on its axis
There are people paying more than taxes
To ensure that we live happily
We sometimes take it for granted…
In this… land of the… free
Home of the brave
We coward behind our opinions and rage
Go on with our day to day
While a mother of 3
With a husband at home
Is blown… up… overseas
Making sure her family remains free
And we…
Won’t even say thank you because we are against the war…
Disagree with our president’s policies
It’s like…
We can’t stand trash but no one wants to step up and be the trash man…
But those brave men
And women
Who are willing…
To put their lives on the line
At the drop of a dime
To ensure that the sun shines…
On the faces of those who often mistake them
Should be placed in…
Our memories
Their energy should forever strengthen these…
United States…
No matter the case
We shouldn’t care if there’s a hidden agenda
Somebody’s brother or sister
Father or mother
Aunt or uncle
Gave their life not only for their families but for Every family in this country…
So for those who lost their lives in the Civil War
World War 1 and 2
The war in Iraq
Fighting terror
Making sure America
Is safe…
Make no mistake…
We honor your lives
For you have died…
With purpose…
Happy Memorial Day….

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